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It's better to pay now for someone's doctor visits than see them clog up the emergency room later. Opt for better health and access for everyone.

Let's work to improve health care, rather than spend all our time trying to kill it.

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Below, Obama's health plan in a 4 minute video. Note that he said you can keep your plan if you want to, which turned out to not be true in all cases. He should have clarified that you can keep it "assuming your plan is not sub-standard, leaving you liable for huge bills you cannot hope to pay."

Rather than argue this, why not acknowledge the pros and cons (chief among them is the millions of children who now have care)and help make progress? How about if Texas copyied Vermont's "Green Mountain Care" single-payer health care system?

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healthcare for all

healthcare cost buy the farm

cancer is not a business

opposing reform fails

healthcare is a human right

NASA in a Blue Texas


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